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Deep Clean Tacoma


If your Tacoma home has been neglected because of an overwhelmingly busy schedule, you may find that a deep clean is exactly what you need!

Even though you may have tried your best to maintain a weekly general schedule, a good top-to-down and behind-to-under outsourced residential deep cleaning service in Tacoma may be your best option. If you are looking for a one-time cleaning service that is reliable, trustworthy and experienced, please call us!

To fully understand what you can expect, it is helpful to know the deep cleaning meaning in housekeeping. It is an exceptionally intense process – or giving special attention to nearly every nook and cranny of your home!

In addition to normal household requirements, other recommended deep-cleaning services in Tacoma include:

  • Recent move-in or move-out
  • Preparation for holiday or other special events
  • Planned arrival of long or short-term overnight guests
  • Seasonal spring or fall
  • Bringing home a newborn!

Call Best Cleaning Services in Tacoma to find out specific costs based on a compiled list of your requirements.

Deep Cleaning Services tacoma


What is included in a deep house cleaning service in Tacoma?

In general, it includes the basics with an emphasis placed on detail and build-up, in addition but not limited to:

  • Top of the refrigerator; dust removal from ceiling fans; removal of cobwebs from corners; wiping high shelves
  • Behind and under furniture (of reasonable weight) – floor care including vacuuming, damp mopping of resilient floors; wiping baseboards, moldings and woodwork; dusting pictures and knick-knacks; vacuuming carpet crevices and wall edges
  • Stove-top, front and backsplash washed; interior oven, microwave and refrigerator upon request
  • All appliances wiped
  • All furniture polished
  • Blinds, interior windows and sills washed or damp-wiped
  • Cleaning doors and cabinet fronts in all appropriate rooms
  • Complete bathroom cleaning and sanitizing including tub, shower tiles, grout, toilet, floors, mirrors, sinks, backsplashes, fixtures, countertops and vanity fronts
  • Lamp and lampshade dusted, wiped or vacuumed
  • Washed or damp-wiped light switch plates
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture
  • Stairwells and rails – vacuuming or damp-wiping
  • Wastebaskets sanitized
  • Vents and baseboards dusted

Call for deep cleaning services in Tacoma that reach into dirt and grime areas not normally covered by your general weekly schedule.

tacoma One Time Cleaning Services


When life is just too busy, or you feel overwhelmed, call and let us take a few cleaning responsibilities off your shoulders!

Whatever your unique situation, you can count on us to meet your expectations for one-time cleaning service for your Tacoma home to save hours of your time in preparation for occasions such as:

  • Seasonal spring or fall
  • Special holiday events
  • Social gatherings in your home
  • A move-in or move-out
  • Extended visits by friends or relatives
  • Arrival of a newborn!

Why us? You can request floor-to-ceiling, behind-and-under comprehensive cleaning services of the highest quality with a 100% quality guarantee! Our prices are reasonable, references are available, both English and Spanish language can be used, and we do the job right!

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