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Window Cleaning Services tacoma


If you are like most Tacoma residents, you want nothing to do with window cleaning!

We, on the other hand, are experienced and enjoy home window cleaning services in Tacoma that leave them streak-free and gleaming!

While the task can be time-consuming for homeowners, we have the training, supplies and tools to achieve optimum results. Because of your sizable investment in windows, it is important to care for them with regular Tacoma window cleaning services at least twice each year, and up to four times is our recommendation.

Why choose us?

  • As professionals, we use great care around your furnishings, floors and drapes
  • Our products are home-safe and do not affect fabrics or flooring
  • Our high-quality standards
  • Superior workmanship, customer service and accountability
  • High-quality products and tools
  • Customized plan to include dusting ceiling fans and wiping light fixtures such as chandeliers, wiping sills and tracks
  • Reasonable prices and a 100% quality guarantee

Call Best Cleaning Services to help save time and to provide streak-free results!

Residential Window Cleaning tacoma


We can help in extending the life of your windows and also protecting the health of your family year-round with regularly-scheduled Tacoma residential window cleaning services.

There are benefits to having clean windows that extend beyond aesthetics, curb appeal and improved view, such as:

  • Reduction in allergens that gather on sills resulting in headaches, fatigue, irritated eyes, sneezing and coughing and a drippy nose
  • Prevention of mold along sills and casings
  • Control of spiders
  • Ability to recognize signs of pre-existing damages, rotting, loose or cracked glass

Most of all, we want you to enjoy sparkling clean windows, and the health benefits should follow. With the use of specialized tools, products and equipment, we can ensure cleaner, and more clear windows that are free of streaks and smudges that can be difficult to remove.

Call us to inquire about a basic or customized plan.

tacoma Blind Cleaning Service


We understand the time and money you have invested in your blinds.

When they begin to show signs of staining and dust layers, there are a number of reasons to call us for Tacoma blind cleaning service:

  • Elimination of allergens and germs
  • Elimination of odors, dust, grime and stains
  • Rejuvenation to like-new condition
  • Improvement in the appearance and value of your living spaces
  • Static prevention
  • Increased lifespan

Whether you have soiled wood, faux wood, aluminum, honeycomb, vertical, venetian or silhouettes, we can help you do something about it!

We also offer window cleaning services in Tacoma to provide a streak-free view, along with health protection for your family that complements the benefits of our program for blinds.

Call Best Cleaning Services to schedule an appointment. We provide exceptional results with a 100% quality guarantee! 253-590-9561